Visual identity

femei pe munte

Logo Description: The FEMEI PE MUNTE logo is a captivating representation of the brand’s dedication to the community of women who pursue mountain adventures. The logo features two elegantly stylized mountains, symbolizing challenges and triumphs in the mountainous terrain. Between the mountains, a silhouette of a woman’s face emerges, capturing the essence of strength, determination, and feminine empowerment. Surrounding the scene are gracefully drawn birds, symbolizing freedom, unity, and the spirit of exploration. The color palette includes white, yellow, and grey, where white represents purity and clarity, yellow symbolizes optimism and energy, and grey adds a touch of sophistication. The combination of elements creates a harmonious and visually engaging emblem, conveying the brand’s commitment to women in the mountains.

Mission: „At FEMEI PE MUNTE, our mission is to inspire and equip women who find joy, strength, and fulfillment in the mountains. We are dedicated to providing exceptional accessories that enhance the mountain experience for our community. Through a commitment to quality, inclusivity, and empowerment, we aim to foster a sense of connection among women who share a passion for adventure and the great outdoors. Our mission is to be a trusted companion for women on their mountain journeys, supporting their endeavors and celebrating their achievements.”

Cristina from Femei pe Munte

Color Palette:

The color palette for FEMEI PE MUNTE is a harmonious blend of white, yellow, and grey:

White: Represents purity, clarity, and a sense of openness, reflecting the untamed beauty of the mountains.

Yellow: Symbolizes optimism, energy, and the vibrancy of the outdoors, encouraging a positive and adventurous spirit.

Grey: Adds a modern and sophisticated touch, conveying durability and functionality in the brand’s accessories.

This color combination creates a visually appealing and balanced palette that aligns with the brand’s values and resonates with the target audience of adventurous women in the mountain community.